AssociateTag for Amazon Product Advertisting API mandatory

I recognized at the end of october 2011 that my Amazon Product Advertising Classes are not working anymore. The reason ist that now a parameter called „AssociateTag“ is required which wasn’t before. You’ll find the whole description in german language here:
If you prefer english please check

build-in Wi-Fi diagnostics in os x lion

Surprise, surprise, Apple’s shipping a new hidden tool with OS X Lion: Wi-Fi Diagnostics. It’s not findable via spotlight or listed in your applications, to execute the diagnostics tool just open a terminal an type:

open /System/Library/CoreServices/Wi-Fi

Here you can watch network traffic, activate debug protocols or check signal strength.

Wi-Fi-diagnostics tool in os x lion

Wi-Fi-diagnostics tool in os x lion

OS X Lion: how to make the Library folder visible again

After updateing to lion you’ll probably want your User-Library folder back in finder. It’s hidden by default.
You have 2 options:

First, you can press the options key while clicking finder’s got to menu and the hidden folders will be shown.
For a permament visible Library folder in Finder please open a terminal window and type:

chflags nohidden /Users/[yourusername]/Library/

If done you’ll see your Library-Folder in Finder again as you’re used to.


iPhone simulator in white

You wanna be fancy and you’re tired of the good old  black iPhone Simulator while developing your brandnew app?

White iPhone Simulator

White iPhone Simulator

In this case you should look over to and download the two png-Files on
Place them in Mac­in­tosh HD/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneSimulator.platform/
Hint: To open iPhone as a folder, right-click it and choose Show Pack­age Con­tents and you’ll the the used graphics called homePressed.png and frame.png. Of course it’s a good idea to backup the original Files for the black iPhone, so can switch again if you’re fed up with the white Simulator

mobile web app debugging with bugaboo

Debugging code on a mobile device is still one of developers biggest problemes. But nowadays, there are a couple of possibilities to manage this. Today i want to give you a short introduction to Bugaboo (, which is an open source tool for mobile web developers that provides an interactive javascript console for WebViews. This is very useful for designing and debugging mobile web apps and sites on iOS devices.

After downloading Bugaboo from iTunes Store you can follow these steps to use the helpful tool:

First of all your iOS device and your computer have to be connected to the same Wifi network. This is a must.

If you’re in one network start Bugaboo on your iOS device and browse to the website you want to debug. Now tap on the little wifi icon inside Bugaboo in the toolbar on bottom side.

Browse to a url in bugaboo

Browse to a url in bugaboo

After pressing the icon you’ll see a dialog with an url – now open a web browser of your choice on your computer and you should see a web page named „Bugaboo Javascript Console“ as shown below.

Bugaboo Javascript Console

Bugaboo Javascript Console

As you can see alle the javascript commands you type in will be executed on the web page shown in the Bugaboo app on your iOS device. Great tool for debugging javascript variables or objects – you can dump everything as usual, open alert windows etc. Of course you can also manipulate your DOM elements via javascript as usual.

Alert-Window via Bugaboo

Alert-Window via Bugaboo

DOM element manipulated

DOM element manipulated


For more information you can find two videos on youtube that show you bugaboo in action:

Bugaboo Introduction:

Bugaboo in Depth:

quick how-to: installing couchdb on debian linux

you’ll be able to run the document based nosql database „couchdb“ ( in just a few minutes on your server if you follow these steps:

# apt-get install couchdb

after successfull installation couchdb is binded by default on (localhost). To access via your IP, you have to change the BindAddress value which is set to in /etc/couchdb/couch.ini:


After restarting couchdb service you should be able to access via browser:

# /etc/init.d/couchdb restart

Now open a browser and browse to you’ll see your couchdb running.
You can access the web admin called „futon“ on

using unlocked iphone with carrier eplus in germany

If you own a unlocked iphone maybe you want to use the carrier e-plus in germany. You just have to adjust the settings for mobile network as shown below:

choose settings – general -network – cellular data network and set the following parameters:

Username: eplus
Password: internet

You can set here your mms settings, too:

Username: mms
Password: eplus
MSSC: http://mms/eplus
MMS Proxy:

google chrome extension „screen capture“

Chrome extensions you shouldn’t miss, today: SCREEN CAPTURE
The extension „screen capture“ is a perfect tool for easy browser screenshots. You can use it to capture the visible content of a tab, a certain selected region of a web page, or the whole page as a png image.

It’s also possible to edit your captured image before saving it as an image. Highlighting, even redacting and adding text are supported. Click here for more details and installing screen capture

chrome extension "screen capture"

chrome extension "screen capture"